State of the Black Photography Market — Questions and Reflections

When I shared that I had created this blog with a friend, mentor, and fellow photographer, he quickly asked that I explore with my readers the marketplace that black photographers engage in to sell their work. I told him: “I’m working on it.” I want to make sure I project the “correct voice” when tackling this sensitive topic. Truthfully, today, after engaging with this subject for over twenty years, I am more confused than ever about why black photographers’ work is so grossly undervalued in the international photography market. There, I’ve said it.

I would appreciate hearing your insights and response to my proposition.


One thought on “State of the Black Photography Market — Questions and Reflections

  1. Peter May 31, 2009 / 6:27 pm

    Is it under-valued because it’s relatively unknown would be the obvious thing to say….but that’s a superficial answer. The real question for me is why is it unknown. We, and by that, I mean people like myself, art-lovers and people who simply enjoy visual mediums, are n’t asking that question, and we’re losing out. We’re losing the opportunity to participate in, and understand, someone else’s view of the world. So, we walk around, eyes half open.

    So, the next question is how do we find out what it is we’re actually missing?

    I think the answer is in the web – particularly in social media. That’s how everyone talks these days. Your blog is part of the tool-kit here.

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