Swann Auction Galleries will be selling 403 lots of photographic literature and fine photographs on Thursday, May 14th at 10:30am and 2:30pm.

Among the lots are African diaspora photographs by W. Eugene Smith, Roy De Carava, Moneta Sleet, Jr., Mario Cravo Neto, and Henri Cartier-Bresson. The photographs are largely 20th century images of black life in urban centers (see lots 300/302/318) and black civil rights leadership (see lots 277/323/324 ). There is a moving “portrait” by Mario Cravo Neto, Ode, (estimate $ 3,000 to $4, 500) and a nineteenth-century carte-des-visite of Sojourner Truth “I Sell the Shadow to Support the Substance.”

Roy De Carava’s work is represented by the sale of his book, co-authored with Langston Hughes, The Sweet Flypaper of Life (estimate $500 to $700), and a portfolio of 12 dust-grain photogravures entitled “Roy De Carava” estimated at $ 50, 000 to $70,000.

I encourage you to review the online catalogue.

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